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Find the Testimonial of people who have Trusted Nature Quest

  • Geetha Dhina

    Virginia Fairfax


    Nature Quest was my travel agent for my bird photography tour in Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.
    He is quite knowledgeable about the birds in these regions and has excellent spotting skills. He is respectful about the habitat and ecosystem, and ensures that we don’t disturb the wildlife in any way.
    Very punctual, shows up on time and is patient and takes time to locate the various birds and does not rush to keep moving.
    Overall, it was a wonderful experience going on birding trips with Nature Quest, and I am looking forward to going on more trips in the future and learning more about the birds.

  • Kelly Williams



    We had the pleasure of being assigned, Luis Panama as our guide from Nature Quest, for our Amazon experience in Ecuador. He is extremely knowledgeable and loves sharing his knowledge with those he guides. He even let our young son borrow his well-worn bird guidebook to study overnight when he saw how interested he was in the wildlife. Furthermore, he made every part of our visit extremely smooth and saw to every detail. We will definitely use him again if we are lucky enough to get back to Ecuador.

  • Margot & Howard

    Houston, United States


    Nature Quest was highly recommended to us, and we have been out with this travel agent a couple of times and just waiting for the right timing for the next chase! He is ware of our targets and gives us alerts for possible visits. We have been very satisfied with his guidance and tours and are looking forward to our next trip with him.

  • Mike Creedon

    North Carolina


    We first went with Nature Quest, when he was our guide for a 5-day visit to the cloud forest near Mindo. He proved to be an excellent guide and very knowledgeable about every bird we encountered.

    We subsequently hired NatureQuest to be our guide for a 3-week trip that covered the west side of the Andes, the volcanoes at the top, then down to the Amazon Basin. Again, he knows his birds, and as a photographer himself, would do his best to put us where we might get the best light for a photo.

    I would not hesitate to hire Nature Quest again for any future trip to Ecuador.