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At NatureQuest - Ecuador

The accommodations we choose are situated as close to national forests and wildlife reserves as possible in order to limit travel time and maximize opportunities in the field.

We will visit not only established reserves, but also at newer sanctuaries that have attracted species rarely seen previously, created on land owned by local people and farmers who have found an economic alternative to deforestation and other destructive activities, further ensuring protection of unique wildlife and the ecosystem while also helping to secure a better quality of life for the people who live there.

We are passionate about giving our clients the greatest opportunities, while seeing the widest variety of bird species possible.

In an effort to preserve the unique wildlife of Ecuador, we engage local hotels and businesses supporting and developing responsible Ecuadorian ecotourism.

Ecuador Tours

3 Days: Antisana National park and Mindo Cloud Forest

4 Days: Yanacocha Bellavista Lodge and Mindo Cloud Forest

Iconic Mammals of Ecuador

Day Tours Close to Quito

The magical Cloud Forest

Yanacocha Reserve Full Day

Zuroloma and Yanacocha Reserves

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By choosing Naturequest for your nature experience, you will not only see and photograph the most varied species possible, you will be contributing to the well-being of wildlife, the environment, and the communities of the region.